What’s in a name

I’ve been asked a few times recently
‘Where does “Tri-rn” come from?’
‘What does it mean?’
When looking for a name to trade as, I looked for some of the more photographic terms  Golden Spiral etc, un-surprisingly these were taken. So i had to look for something more creative that maybe said something about me. Then I  thought about when my creative side kicked in “3am” often i have woken with an idea for something to shoot, or some poetry even a line to use to encapsulate my photography (It’s about the moment;living each 1 and capturing those you wish to return to time and again…). Way to simple, yeah you guessed it the web domains were taking by the Daily Mirror gossip and paparazzi page(not something i wish to be associated with).
Onwards my search went should i look for something else? Or what about in another language? That could work. Maybe French Spanish maybe find that it sounded exotic or mystical. Google Translator was called upon nothing was jumping out at me. During a call to a friend explaining my dilemma  ‘why don’t you try Irish (Gaelic)’ and thus a few strokes of the Keys and clicks of the mouse and Tri-rn was born. So a little imagination, an hour or so at the key board and a chance call with a friend Brought me to this point.
I wonder what the next 3am moment of enlightenment Will bring. Keep watching this space.